Experiences with the day care hospital at the Department of pediatrics, University Hospital Sestre milosrdnice

We began to acquire our first experiences of a day care hospital at our Clinic in January 2002. That was the time when our Clinic, the oldest pediatric department in Croatia, was destroyed by fire on its 98th anniversary. 24 hours after the fire we restarted observation of a number of our patients in an improvised, donated ward of our University hospital, at the Department of internal medicine. We could not accommodate 98 beds on the ward that was only one fifth of the size of our old ward. We equipped only 30 beds for in-patients, while the others were examined and treated in the day-care hospital. This unusual situation required a great deal of effort, quick examinations and efficacious treatment of as large as possible number of patients in the couple of hours a day. After acquiring the necessary experience both doctors, nurses and patients and their parents became content with that kind of treatment despite the absolutely inadequate accommodation which was the main obstacle until we moved into our present, modern renewed facilities. After the four years of experience with the day care hospital we shall say something first about all our positive experiences although we shall mention some problems that occurred.
Category: Review
Volume: Vol. 52, No 1, january - march 2008
Authors: T. F. Hajnžić, M. Ćuk, Z. Jurčić, Lj. Cvitanović-Šojat, E. Verona, T. Lukanović, G. Stipančić, J. Đelmiš, V. Zah, B. Divčić
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