Non-parasitic splenic cyst – case report

Primary splenic cysts are uncommon lesions of the spleen. Splenic cysts are classified as primary or secondary cysts according to the presence of an epithelial lining. The primary cysts are further subdivided as parasitic or non-parasitic. The congenital non-parasitic cysts are rarely seen in clinical practice and constitute approximately 10% of all splenic cysts. Congenital cysts are true cysts with an epithelial lining (1). Secondary cysts are in most cases posttraumatic (2). All patients had an atypical symptomatology, consisting mainly of fullness in the left upper abdomen and a palpable mass with or without pain. Preoperative diagnosis was established by ultrasonography and computerized tomography (3). Open partial splenectomy and laparoscopic cyst wall unroofing are both effective tools in the management of splenic nonparasitic cysts. In our patient partial splenectomy was not a possibility because the cyst was too large and the healthy splenic tissue was too small.
Keywords: SPLENIC DISEASES – congenital, diagnosis, surgery; CYSTS – congenital,diagnosis, surgery; SPLENECTOMY
Category: Case report
Volume: Vol. 51, No 3, july - september 2007
Authors: I. Cigit, M. Žganjer, A. Čizmić, Z. Vrtar, V. Žganjer
Reference work: