Congenital epulis in newborns: case report

Congenital epulis, also known as congenital granular cell tumor, is a very rare benign tumor in newborns. It most frequently occurs on the incisal part of the alveolar ridge of the upper or lower jaw, but tongue involvement has also been reported. The lesion is usually solitary, but has also been noted as multiple. A larger lesion may interfere with nursing or occasionally cause breathing obstruction. Although it does not grow after birth, spontaneous regression is not expected and early surgical removal is preferred, especially if functional impairment is present. A female newborn is presented with congenital epulis of the mandibular alveolus, which impaired oral feeding and was removed several hours after birth.

Keywords: GRANULAR CELL TUMOR – congenital, surgery; GINGIVAL NEOPLASMS - congenital, surgery; MANDIBLE; ALVEOLAR PROCESS
Category: Case report
Volume: Vol. 51, No 2, april - june 2007
Authors: N. Aljinović Ratković, Ž. Orihovac, S. Branica, M. Nola
Reference work: