Autologous keratinocyte fibrin glue suspension – used for major burns

We describe our results in the treatment of a thirteen year-old boy, who received widespread and deep burns from high voltage electricity which affected 75% of his body. We then used for the first time a new method for treatment of severe burns and chronic wounds, using a Keratinocytes-Fibrin-Glue-Suspension (KFGS). Autologous epidermal transplants grown in vitro were used successfully in practice and confirm the possibility that children with wide-ranging and deep burns may be treated in Croatia with this modern and effective method.
Category: Case report
Volume: Vol. 50, No 1, january - ma 2006
Authors: A. Kljenak, M. Zekušić, B. Golubić Čepulić, N. Striber
Reference work: