Values of body height and weight of the preschoolers in Bjelovar

Growth is a process of quantitave increase of body dimensions and weight ingeneral, as well as of its individual parts. Accurate and repeated measurments of the height and weight, helped with the measurments of the head perimeters, state of body fitness, dentillion and bone maturity give insight into growth and development of a child. In the period from 1991 to 1995, during chek-ups of preschoolers, data about 494 boys and 451 girls, from the municipality of Bjelovar in the age of one, one and a half, three and a half and four years, have been gathered. By the analysis of these information, arithemtic middles of body height and weight with appropriate standard deviations, centillion values of body height and weight, curves of height and weight have been determined, and comparison with children from Zagorje in the age of one and one and a half years of age has been done. Growth standards for weight and height for certain area change during time because of the secular increase and influence of other outer factors, and it is necessary to obtain new data in order to determine correctly the individual result within thegroup, but also for further observation of secular acceleration.
Category: Clinical observations - professional paper
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