Epidermoid cysts of the spleen – case presentation

Cysts of the spleen may be congenital, infective or posttraumatic in origin. Depending on the structure of the covering, we classify them as “true” - covered with the epithelium, and “false” (pseudocysts) which are not covered with epithelium. The symptoms of cysts are not specific, mostly resulting from compression of the surrounding organs, more rarely there is acute pain when a cyst ruptures or from secondary infection. Therefore clinical diagnostics are also most frequently non-specific and inexact, without the help of a imaging method. In the diagnostics and differential diagnostics of cystic lesions of the spleen, ultrasound examinations and computerized tomography (CT) have a key role, as we have presented in these patients.
Category: Case report
Volume: Vol. 49, No 2, april - june 2005
Authors: S. Fabijanić, G. Buljan Flander, A. Karlović
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