Endoscopic treatment of vesicoureteric reflux in children – our early results

Endoscopic treatment of vesicoureteral reflux with Deflux has gained in popularity in all leading world centers during the last few years. Deflux is a cross-linked dextranomer and hyaluronic acid copolymer with no side effects or complications during its use. During the last year we introduced this method in our institution and we treated 60 ureters with vesicoureteric reflux (VUR). Our early results, after 3 months of follow up, show a high percentage of reflux disappearance (90%), which together with short hospital stay and absence of complications suggests that this method should be an alternative to long-term antibiotic prophylaxis and surgical treatment.
Category: Original scientific paper
Volume: Vol. 48, No 2, april - june 2004
Authors: M. Raos, Ž. Bumber, K. Kovač
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