Specific problems of colour vision in children and teenagers

Early colour vision examination of children and teenagers is of great importance not only for the patient but also for society. Early diagnose of dyschromatopsy offers time to the child and his family to get used to the colour vision disorder. Children with colour vision disorders, together with their parents and teachers, need to find the right way of learning and being educated during their growing-up period and their schooling. The most important goal of this clinical attitude is to help young persons with colour vision disorders in selecting the appropriate profession what helps them avoid all possible future problems that could be generated by the delayed diagnose of dyschromatopsy. Therefore, as the child matures psychologically and physiologically, regular retesting of colour vision during the growing-up period is of great importance.
Category: Review
Volume: Vol. 48, No 2, april - june 2004
Authors: V. Rogošić, L. Bojić, K. Karaman, M. Ivanišević, M. Lešin, K. Bučan, R. Stanić, M. Titlić, D. Mendeš, Ž. Kovačić
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