Spinal tuberculosis in children

Three cases are presented of active spinal tuberculosis in children, one male and two females, seen between 1992 and 2001. Two children were at the age of two years and four months, and one child was at the age of twelve years. Cervical spine was involved in the first child, cervical and thoracic in second, and a lumbosacral spine in the third child. Moreover, one child also had miliar tuberculosis. All children also had paravertebral abscess and accompanying local manifestation of pain, restricted movement in the involved spine. Two children had a rigid walk and one child had mild paraparesis. Spinal lesions were confirmed with radiological examination, computed tomography or magnetic resonance image findings. Pus from abscesses yielded positive results for Mycobacterium tuberculosis in one child. Drug treatment regimen was administered for twelve months. Surgical drainage was carried out in two children with paravertebral abscesses. Immobilization had to be implemented in two children. The child with miliar tuberculosis manifested kyphosis, and surgical procedure was postponed to a later age. All children recovered from the primary illness without neurological manifestation. Conclusion: early detection and treatment of spinal tuberculosis is very important. In a child with an unsteady mode of walking, paraplegia, rigidity of back, and longitudinal spinal pain, we must consider spinal tuberculosis.
Category: Case report
Volume: Vol. 47, No 1, january - march 2003
Authors: M. Raos, T. Đapić, N. Peruško Matasić, S. Dodig, M. Hegeduš Jungvirth
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