The importance of breast-feeding in the prevention of feeding disorders in childhood

This article presents the influence of the breast-feeding on the appearance of feeding disorders in childhood. It specially emphasises the psychological relationship and the interaction between mother and child in the breast-feeding process, and their effects on the appearance of feeding disorders. Early mother-infant contact in the delivery room; feeding on demand and correct breast-feeding techniques, have a direct influence on the breast-feeding process. An important role is also played by: the mother’s attitude to breast-feeding; the mother's psychological condition during the early neuro-developmental period of the child; the father’s and environmental attitudes and support; the mother's body weight; the mother's correct eating habits; the parent's dependence; and positive family dynamics. Consideration of the aspects of breast-feeding, leads to the conclusion that breast-feeding has a positive influence on the appearance of feeding disorders in childhood.
Category: Child protection
Volume: Vol. 44, No 4, october - december 2000
Authors: Z. Zakanj, J. Grgurić
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