Congenital bronchial stenosis caused by membrane

Congenital bronchial stenosis is mostly found in the main bronchus or in the middle lobe bronchus. It is rarely found as bronchial stenosis caused by a mucosal membrane. Clinically, the anomaly is manifested with dyspnea at birth and later with wheezing of various degrees. So, our patient a nine month old female child, had dyspnea at birth and later had mild wheezing. Radiologically hyperinflation of the left lung was found with a shift of the mediastinum to the right. The diagnosis of bronchial stenosis caused by a bronchial membrane in the right main bronchus was confirmed bronchoscopically. The endoscopic method with a CO2-laser was successfully used, and the child is now without difficulties.
Category: Case report
Volume: Vol. 46, No 1, january - march 2002
Authors: M. Raos, Ž. Bumber, N. Peruško Matasić, D. Ćaleta
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