Professional correlation between infectologists and physicians in paediatric out-patient clinics

Through this paper, the author pleads for better co-operation and professional correlation between infectologists and physicians working in paediatric out- patient clinics. The constructive relationship with paediatricians and other practitioners of general or family medicine is particularly emphasised. The benefits of interdisciplinary co-operation are mentioned, both the sick child as well as for the profession as a whole. Multi-centric experiences are cumulated, and multi-causal problems solved in a team, one member of which is an infectious disease specialist. Professional correlation is seen to be a traditional challenge, with additional education in paediatrics for polyclinical infectologists working in a paediatric out patients clinic for infectious diseases. The author concludes that discussions on this topic should improve the co-operation between physicians who manage children’s health care problems, which still, in some of their aspects, have not become part of their daily routine. These conclusions must not remain only declarative, but should in the end provide higher standards of medical services intended for sick children.
Category: Child protection
Volume: Vol. 46, No 1, january - march 2002
Authors: M. Himbele
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