Sclerosing hemangioma of the lung in a 4-year old child

Sclerosing hemangioma of the lung (SHL) should be recognised as a distinct clinicopathological entity. It is a benign neoplasm, probably of epithelial origin. Clinically this tumor is asymptomatic and shows a striking preponderance in middle-aged women. SHL is often discoverd incidentally, as a round, well-defined homogenus mass on routine chest radiograms. Diagnosis is based on pathohystological examination of the biopsy material, therapy is surgical, prognosis excellent. We report the case of a 4-year old boy with SHL, which is extremely rare in childhood.
Category: Case report
Volume: Vol. 44, No 3, july - september 2000
Authors: G. Gunek, M. Raos, S. Batinica
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