Miliar lung tuberculosis in childhood

Miljenko Raos, Svjetlana Bela Klancir, Ivan Koncul, Kornelija Kovač, Slavica Dodig Nine patients (aged 0 to 12 years) with miliar lung tuberculosis were treated in the decade from 1. 1. 1990. to 31. 12. 1999. The main clinical sign in eight patients was bronchoobstruction of varying duration before the setting of diagnosis. Two children with radiological aggravation died on 5th day despite the medication. The cause of bronhoobstruction in miliar lung tuberculosis could be mechanical (endobronchial tuberculosis changes) and immunological (hypersensitivity to Mycobacterium tuberculosis-protein). In some unclear cases of bronchoobstruction, that are resistant to bronchodilatators, the possibility of miliar lung tuberculosis must be taken into consideration.
Category: Case report
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