Atypical congenital cartilaginous rest of the neck in a one-year-old female patient

Cartilaginous rests of the neck are rarely described congenital anomaly for which there is no defi nite name in the literature, and is oftenmisdiagnosed as congenital lateral cysts and/or neck fi stulas. The authors present a case of a one-year old girl monitored from birthdue to nodular formations on the neck, in order to highlight the importance and span of diff erential diagnosis of congenital malformationsof the lateral neck region and the role of ultrasonography in diff erential diagnosis since the surgical treatment plan dependson it. Clinical examination revealed a formation of 2x1 cm, well diff erentiated from the surface, on the right side of the neck in regionII/III. On the left side in region II/III, there was a smaller formation of 2-3 mm in diameter. Sonography of the neck did not reveal anyfi stulae or cysts. On surgical excision in general anaesthesia, the cartilaginous core was found and excised without any problems.
Keywords: congenital cartilaginous rests of the neck, tumour, wattles, child, Croatia

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Volume: Vol. 62, No 2, April - June 2018
Authors: Zlatko Kljajić, Željka Roje, Katarina Vilović, Petar Ivanišević, Petra Smoje
Reference work: Paediatr Croat. 2018;62:101-3

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