Successful treatment of strabismus in a child with Moebius syndrome

Moebius syndrome is a rare disease characterized by unilateral or bilateral congenital nonprogressive facial nerve palsy and abducensnerve palsy. It is associated with a wide spectrum of systemic and ocular manifestations; congenital esotropia (convergentstrabismus) is common in these patients but vertical strabismus is rare. Only few articles have described results of strabismus surgeryfor esotropia in children, but only one reports strabismus surgery for vertical and horizontal deviation. We report a rare case of athree-year-old male child with large esotropia and limited ocular abductions along with a signifi cant vertical deviation, which is notcommon in classic Moebius syndrome. We used conservative approach prescribing glasses with full correction, which resolved convergentstrabismus, and surgery for treating vertical strabismus by superior rectus retroposition.Key words: Moebius syndrome, congenital esotropia, vertical strabismus surgery
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Volume: Vol. 61, No 4, october - december 2017
Authors: Barbara Dawidowsky, Matija Žutelija-Fattorini, Aleksandra Klobučar, Neda Striber, Krsto Dawidowsky
Reference work: Paediatr Croat. 2017;61:192-6

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