Bilateral congenital knee dislocation associated with bilateral developmental hip deformities

Congenital knee dislocation is a relatively rare entity, especially if associated with other joint deformities. We present a case of a girl with both congenital knee and hip dislocations who was followed-up for four years. She was fi rst referred to our department when she was three weeks old. Radiographic and ultrasound examinations, as well as genetic tests excluded Larsen’s syndrome and arthrogryposis. Traction on the vertical plane was applied to make closed hip reduction easier, after which we started serial knee casting. When reduced, hips were stabilized by Hilgenreiner’s orthosis, which enabled casting of the knees to be continued and fi nished successfully. After stabilization of the hips and knees, Pavlik’s harness was applied for two months. The treatment took seven months and all the steps were followed by radiographic and ultrasound imaging when needed. Key words: knee dislocation – congenital, therapy; hip dislocation, congenital, therapy
Category: Case report
Volume: Vol. 61, No 1, january - march 2017
Authors: Gordana Miličić, Marijana Šimić, Davor Bojić, Josip Vlaić, Tomislav Ribičić, Ozren Vrdoljak, Darko Antičević, Ida Matić, Marko Miličić
Reference work: Paediatr Croat. 2017;61:33-6

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