Cryptorchidism – our results and treatment protocol

We analyzed patients operated on for cryptorchidism at the Pediatric Surgery Department during a 2-year period (2008-2009). We analyzed patient age, side of cryptorchidism, position of the testes, operative approach (open, laparoscopic), type of operative treatment (orchydopexy, orchydectomy with implantation of testicular prosthesis), and results of histopathologic analysis of testes that underwent biopsy. During the study period, 192 patients, mean age 5.62±3.78 years, underwent surgery for cryptorchidism. Unilateral cryptorchidism was present in 161 (83.9%) patients, 93 (57.8%) of them right-sided. A total of 223 testes underwent surgery, 22 (9.9%) of these in prescrotal position, 174 (78%) in inguinal position and 27 (12.1%) in intra-abdominal position. Laparoscopic exploration was performed in 37, orchydopexy in 27 and resection of testicular remnant with immediate implantation of testicular prosthesis in the remaining 10 patients. Intraoperative biopsy was done in 165 (74%) testes. Despite continuous education, the mean patient age of 5.62 years at the time of treatment was above the desired age of two years. It is commendable that an increasing number of patients undergo biopsy during orchydopexy.

Category: Original scientific paper
Volume: Vol. 56, No 4, october - december 2012
Authors: J. Varga, D. Živković, D. Vuković, Đ. Gajdobranski, D. Šarac
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