Cystic formations of the lung in children

Twenty children are presented, aged 1 to 10 years, with cystic lung diseases (15 years period review). We have found (and pathohystologically confirmed) the following diagnoses: intrapulmonal inflammated cysts (in 12 patients), tensic cyst (in 2 patients), lung echinococcosis (in 2 patients), congenital lobar emphysema (in 2 patients), congenital adenomatoid malformation type I (in 1 patient) and congenital bronchiectasies (in 1 patient). The cystic formations were surgically removed. The cystic formations have to be treated surgically, because of possible complications-inflammation, rupture or malign alteration.
Category: Case report
Volume: Vol. 44, No 3, july - september 2000
Authors: M. Raos, S. Batinica, S. Bela Klancir, K. Kovač, I. Koncul
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