Expression of proliferative antigens (ki-67 and pcna), p53 and bcl-2 in congenital sacrococcygeal teratomas

In this study we analyzed patients with congenital sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT) treated at the Children’s Hospital Zagreb, from 1985 to 1998. The aim of this study was to analyze the expression of proliferative antigens (Ki-67 and PCNA), bcl-2 and p53 in congenital SCT. The tumors occurred in eight female and two male patients. There were 8 mature and 2 immature SCTs. Immunohistochemistry showed slightly positive nuclear staining for Ki-67 in one case and moderately positive in 6 cases. Strongly positive nuclear staining for PCNA was found in one case and slightly positive reaction in other 9 cases. Slightly positive staining for bcl-2 was observed in 2 cases. There was a slightly positive reaction for p53 in 3 cases and a moderately positive one in 2 cases. The positive reaction was predominantly observed in the glial cells. There was no relationship between the intensity of the expression of these markers and the following parameters: tumor size, age and sex of the patients. We did not observe any statistically significant difference between the expression of the examined antigens in immature and mature teratomas. Our findings suggest that the proliferative antigens Ki-67 and PCNA, the tumor suppressor gene p53 and bcl-2 are present in congenital SCT indicating a possible role in the genesis and development of these tumors.
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