Pediatric burn surgery

Since the beginning of the new century, significant advances in the treatment of burns are visible at all levels, both in burn surgery and all related disciplines. Surgery of burns has become less aggressive and invasive, with equal or better results, and it is ever more complex and extensive, now representing a separate entity. Pediatric burn surgery is an integral part of burn surgery and pediatric surgical ward for burns is separated from the same department for adults. At the same time, the standards for burn centers are very specific and prescriptive. Innovations in burn surgery such as a variety of new active dressings, cultivated skin, dermal and epidermal semisynthetic grafts, many new products for burn wound protection, hydronecrectomy, selective proteolytic necrectomy, etc. have resulted in new terminology, new guidelines and clinical pathways, creating new experiences, better survival and more options in treating patients with burns, especially those with extensive and life-threatening ones. Surgical treatment of burns in children is just one important link of teamwork approach.

Category: Clinical observations - professional paper
Volume: Vol. 55, No 4, october - december 2011
Authors: Z. Barčot, A. Kljenak, B. Župančić, I. Škarić, J. Jakobović
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