Pediatric burn center, Reference center for pediatric traumatology of the Croatian Ministry of Health and Social welfare, at Zagreb Children’s Hospital, Sestre milosrdnice, University Hospital Center

Burns are one of the worst injuries in childhood and require a multidisciplinary approach. To meet the high level of expertise at the lowest level of health care costs, centralization of treatment of patients with extensive burns at burn centers is necessary. The European practice guidelines for burn care are based on evidence based medicine and clinical practice experiences, and their purpose is to assist medical professionals in choosing the right path for the treatment of each burn patient. A burned child requires treatment at the Pediatric Burn Center within the Children’s Hospital. Burn department, intensive care unit and operating room as well as all other hospital services and their specialists are available 24 hours daily. Respecting the admission/transfer criteria for a burn center and well-educated and trained staff of the Center, together with the appropriate physical capacity and quality medical equipment, are the key factors in improving burn care. The perspectives of such a treatment in children are excellent and fatal outcome is determined only by severe comorbidity. Treatment of these patients is a challenge that requires constant monitoring, education and application of new technologies and knowledge. The Zagreb Children’s Hospital Pediatric Burn Center is part of the Reference Center for Pediatric Traumatology of the Croatian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

Keywords: CHILD; BURNS – surgery; GUIDELINE; BURN UNITS – organization and administration, standards; HOSPITALS, PEDIATRIC
Category: Clinical observations - professional paper
Volume: Vol. 55, No 4, october - december 2011
Authors: Z. Barčot, B. Župančić, I. Škarić, J. Jakobović, O. Vrdoljak
Reference work: 312.pdf

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