Significance and usefulness of platelets indexes

The importance of platelet count in blood is in their vital role in the hemostase process. Routine analysis of blood today includes, as well as the number of platelets, platelets indexes. This is made possible by automatization of the haematology analaysis system. The possibility of a variety of approaches to the mathematical calculation of platelets indexes, results in many variations on different types of analysers. This variation is one of the reasons why clinicians almost exclude these indexes from use. Another reason is the undefined significance of and insufficient research into this in different diseases. We describe here the most frequent platelet indexes: platelets number (Plt), mean platelets volume (MPV), plateletcrit (Pct) and platelets distribution width (PDW). As well as the definition and mode of calculation on different types of analysers, we describe and examine conditions in which platelets indexes significantly change. Recent studies demonstrate an attempt to decrease to variation by the introduction of new platelets indexes. They are present the difference between the expected and measured values. The name of these indexes, along with the forma name, have a subname: "residual", for example first of PDW. The particular significance of platelets indexes is that it affers the possibility of examining the differencial diagnosis of thrombocytoses and thrombocytopenies. We also describes of platelet distribution curves. Their significance and situations where this curve significantly differs from normal distribution. The appearance of the curve can be a reference for presence of a possible technical mistake or interference. If is important for analysts to detect it and to give a certain and correct interpretation.All this effort is aimed at a: clear definition of the usefulness of platelets indexes. As blood parameters which can be obtained in routine blood analyses, they can give simple and rapid directions for analysts and clinicians
Category: Case report
Volume: Vol. 43, No 2, april - june 1999
Authors: J. Leniček Krleža, R. Zadro, M. Nakić
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