Psychophysical relaxation as a therapeutic medium in the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy

In addition to the basic clinical picture, we find a number of problems in the spectrum of emotional development and socially competent behavior in children with cerebral palsy. The indicated problems are reflected in all segments of the child’s life. Complex treatment and (re) habilitation of these children requires the use of appropriate therapeutic programs to alleviate or eliminate emotional difficulties and behavioral deviations. By use of therapeutic supportive media a child is given the opportunity to detect his/her own undiscovered skills in verbal and nonverbal expression and creation. In this paper, several therapeutic sequences integrated into the module of psychophysical relaxation are presented. The supportive therapeutic medium described, as an integral part of the proposed rehabilitation program, was evaluated through long-term clinical use with children with cerebal palsy. The use of this program resulted in pronounced emotional stability, higher levels of self-esteem and confidence, a better quality of life and successful inclusion into the social environment.

Category: Clinical observations - professional paper
Volume: Vol. 55, No 1, january - march 2011
Authors: I. Slaviček, V. Sabo
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