Laryngeal cyst in infant

In this paper we report on the case of a 6 month old premature male infant with a laryngeal cyst on the right ventricular fold. Due to severe respiratory distress mechanical ventilation was performed up to 24 days of life. After extubation, inspiratory stridor, feed problems- i.e. difficult and prolonged feeding accompanied by apnoea developed. The reason for hospitalization was aggravation of dyspnoea, caused by severe abdominal meteorism, and suspected torsion in the area of intestinal system. When diagnosis of intestinal torsion was excluded, the diagnosis of laryngeal cyst was performed using fiberoptic endoscopy. The cyst was completely excised endoscopically.

Category: Case report
Volume: Vol. 54, No 3, july - september 2010
Authors: M. Raos, J. Marković, D. Tješić-Drinković
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