Bone tumors in children

Bone tumors in general, and specifically in children, are relatively rare. In children the large majority of them are malignant. During the last decades a significant improvement in diagnosis and management of these tumors has been achieved, mainly through introduction of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, refinement of surgical techniques and improvement of imaging methods allowing accurate staging. Pathological diagnostics have also significantly evolved in some areas of the field. The role of the pathologist in patient with bone tumor management is more complex than in most other fields. In this paper we present the most prominent features of the approach to morphological diagnosis of bone lesions with special emphasis on childhood bone tumors.

Keywords: BONE NEOPLASMS – pathology; OSTEOSARCOMA – pathology; SARCOMA, EWING’S – pathology
Category: Review
Volume: Vol. 53, No 4, october - december 2009
Authors: S. Seiwerth, D. Mikulić, I. Ilić
Reference work:

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