Trends in epidemiology of childhood cancer

Childhood cancers account for only 1% of all cancers and differ from adult cancers by the tumor origin, localization, presentation and prognosis. Tumor incidence depends on age, gender, and many other factors, and epidemiological rate trends depend on new diagnostic methods, new tumor classification, and database quality in cancer registries. The 5-year survival rate has become impressive, up to 40% in a 30 year period, and the mortality rate is cca 2.6% annualy. The incidence rate is slowly decreasing from 0.8% annually to 0.4%. What the connection is between the risk factors, especcialy the environmental ones, and tumor development, is still a question for new research and studies.

Keywords: NEOPLASMS – epidemiology,mortality,ethiology,pathology
Category: Review
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