Thymus hyperplasia - imitation of anterior mediastinal tumor

A homogenous oval formation in the anterior upper mediastinum was found in a three month old infant with using both chest X-ray and computed tomography. The unusual shape of this formation indicated the appearance of a benign tumor. A corticosteroid test with methylprednisolone (1 mg/kg of body mass) was performed over seven days. On the eighth day a chest X-ray confirmed the significant reduction of the formation, in that way confirming thymus hyperplasia, and not a tumor.
Keywords: THYMUS HYPERPLASIA – diagnosis, etiology; MEDIASTINAL NEOPLASMS – diagnosis; THYMUS GLAND – pathology, radiography; DIAGNOSIS, DIFFERENTIAL
Category: Case report
Volume: Vol. 52, No 4, october - december 2008
Authors: M. Raos, J. Marković
Reference work:

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