Maternal characteristics influencing the duration of breastfeeding in a breastfeeding support group

A. Pavičić Bošnjak, J. Grgurić The study was conducted to analyse factors influencing the duration of breastfeeding among attendees of mother support groups. Data regarding breastfeeding duration was collected retrospectively by a self-reported questionnaire using WHO definitions for breastfeeding. 210 women who were regular attendees of mother support groups (with 4 or more attendances of the group meetings during the first 6 months postpartum) participated in the study. At 6 months post partum 83.8% mothers were breastfeeding and 56% did so exclusively at 3 months. In univariate analysis breastfeeding duration > 6 months was positively associated with family income, time of breastfeeding decision, intended duration of breastfeeding and perceived satisfaction with advice from the mother leader of the group. A negative association was found for maternal smoking. Using logistic regression analysis of factors associated with breastfeeding duration > 6 months, a positive association was found with intended duration of breastfeeding > 6 months (OR 4.27; 95% CI 1.63-11.17, P= 0.003) and maternal non-smoking before pregnancy (OR 3.07; 95%CI 1.29-7.30, P=0.011). This is the first reported study of maternal characteristics and factors influencing the duration of breastfeeding among mother support group attendees. Future research should determine if the decision on the duration of breastfeeding can be modified through attending support groups to enhance breastfeeding duration.
Keywords: BREASTFEEDING – psychology, statistics and numerical data; MOTHERS – psychology, education; SELF-HELP GROUPS
Category: Original scientific paper
Volume: Vol. 51, No 3, july - september 2007
Authors: A. Pavičić Bošnjak, J. Grgurić
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