Nutritional status of patients hospitalized at the Clinic for children's diseases in Split

Aims: The objectives of the study are: to determine the nutritional status of patients hospitalized at the Department of Pediatrics in Split Clinical Hospital, to show the relationship between the clinical signs of nutritional status and the basic disease and length of hospital stay and a comparison of two different signs of nutritional status: skinfolds and BMI (body mass index). Methods: We studied 632 children, 332 female and 300 male, aged 3 years to 20 years. We measured height and weight, BMI, and skinfolds, with a caliper, of the patients at admission, and at discharge from hospital. Results: 7.91% of children were underweight-for-age, 10.60% were overweight-for- age and 7.75% were at risk for overweight-for-age. Between the patients there were statistically significant differences between nutritional status and the principal disease. There were no statistically significant differences between skinfolds and BMI (p>0,05). Z values express body mass changes in various age groups. Conclusions: In comparison with other authors' results, low weight in patients hospitalized in the Clinical Hospital Split is not so frequent. Since overweight and underweight-for-age can have a great influence on the course of the disease and on health later, in adulthood, we have to estimate the nutritional status of all hospitalized children, and also to recognize and treat the existing problem.
Category: Original scientific paper
Volume: Vol. 50, No 4, october - december 2006
Authors: N. Dropulić, J. Meštrović, V. Krželj, M. Šonjić, D. Krcatović
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