Unnecessary expenditure in the health care system for children and parents and proposed measures

This research analyzes the existing situation regarding the expenditure that arises in relation to parenthood and care of small children (1-3 years). Some failings are noted and illogicalities in the existing organization of care for this age group of children. On the basis of information available, using direct and indirect methods of calculation, it was established that most of the costs were unnecessary and arise as a result of poor organization in various social systems (health care, education, the economy etc.) Analysis of figures for 2002 and calculation led to the discovery that the rough costs that arise annually in relation to the care of small children (1-3 years) in the social systems mentioned are distributed as follows: _ 20.000.000 kn parental sick leave _ 155.000.000 kn expenditure on treatment in primary health care _ 25.000.000 kn cost of treatment in polyclinics, specialist health care _ 107.200.000 kn cost of treatment in in-patient health care _ 96.000.000 kn costs of stay of children aged 1-3 in preschool institutions _ 20.400.000 kn costs arising from lost working hours in industry _ ? ? costs from injuries at work and fall in production It arises that the total cost is almost half a billion kunas a year, in that this amount does not include the costs of direct or indirect losses that arise following injuries at work or loss of productivity in industry due to tiredness or lack of sleep in parents of small children. The results obtained definitely support the need for three-year parental leave, for this would create the conditions for a drastic reduction in these costs, but even more provide a suitable environment for the healthy physical and psychological development of the next generation. Moreover, the analyses indicate that preschool institutions, according to the existing standards and without equipment and investment in staff, would need about 2.7 billion kunas in investment to take care of at least half the children up to 7 years of age in preschool institutions in the RoC. It is clear that this is not possible in the current economic and social circumstances. All the above resulted in consideration of possible measures to reduce these unnecessary costs/losses and transform them into savings, or better, more purposeful and rational use to improve and protect parenthood and small children.
Category: Original scientific paper
Volume: Vol. 50, No 2, april - june 2006
Authors: D. Prpić
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