Principles of treatment children with cerebral palsy

Based on our long-term experience in the care of children in cerebral palsy and cooperation between the Clinical Istitute of Paediatric Orthopaedics of Zagreb Children’s Hospital and the Special Hospital for Children with Neurodevelopmental and Motor Disabilities, Goljak, Zagreb, the authors present the principles of orthopaedic management of children with cerebral palsy, considering principles more important to be examined than methods because of a considerable consensus of opinion concerning the latter. Orthopaedic management includes conservative and surgical treatment. The indication for orthopaedic management is established in collaboration with the neurophysiatrist, and requires the precise definition of the desired goal which is to be reached by means of either conservative or surgical treatment. The central goal is to establish walking function and mobility of the child, taking into account the growth and development of the child in relation to the existing deformities of the locomotor system. In our opinion, the fundamental principle of the management of children with cerebral palsy is a combination of multidisciplinary teamwork and interdisciplinary practice.
Category: Clinical observations - professional paper
Volume: Vol. 42, No 2, april - june 1998
Authors: E. Irha
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