Abuse of children during divorce proceedings

The authors describe treatment of children which violates children's rights as published in the Declaration on children's rights and Family law of Croatia. This treatment is often seen during and after the divorce proceedings. Although divorce itself violates the child's basic right to live with both parents (paragraph 86 of Family law), the behavior of adults towards children during and after the divorce, often have all the characteristics of emotional abuse, especially manipulation of the child's emotions and sense of responsibility. It has very negative consequences for the child's entire development and is often responsible for its mental health later in adulthood, and for emotional problems and psychological disturbances later.
Category: Child protection
Volume: Vol. 47, No 3, july - september 2003
Authors: D. Kocijan-Hercigonja, D. Kozarić-Kovačić, V. Hercigonja-Novković
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