Inflammatory pseudotumor of the bronchus in a thirtheen-years-old boy

An inflammatory pseudotumor was diagnosed in the left main bronchus of an 13-years-old boy, presented with transitory pain in left thorax, and radiologically confirmed atelectasis of the left lung. MSCT-analysis showed the complete blockage of the left main bronchus with pseudotumor. First pathohystological analysis presumed granular cell myoblastoma. The patient underwent flexibile bronchoscopy with photo-carbonisation of the tumor using Nd:YAG laser. Two weeks later left side explorative thoracotomy was perfomed. In addition, grained formation, 3 mm in diameter, was found in the VI segment of the left lung, treated with segmental resection. Definitive diagnosis of inflammatory pseudotumor (myofibroplastic type) was confirmed pathohystologically. The boy has made a full recovery, without any symptoms.
Category: Case report
Volume: Vol. 47, No 3, july - september 2003
Authors: M. Raos, Ž. Bumber, Z. Tudjman, Z. Slobodnjak, J. Karadža, K. Kovačjar
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