Tuberculosis in childhood

Over a 10-year period (1991-2000) 556 children, aged 0-14, were hospitalised for tuberculosis. Continuous monitoring and analysis showed the following epidemiological and clinical features. Epidemiologically, Zagreb and the Zagreb County were represented by 40.5% patients, other counties with 43.4%, while 16.2% were refugees. Contact was recognised in 82.2%, most often family related, 65%. The youngest age group (0-4) represents 32.2%, the 5-9 age group 30.6%, while the 10-14 age group 37.2%. Clinical features: symptoms of the illness were recognised in 47.9% of patients. 68.7% of the patients had tuberculin hyperreactivity 15 mm. Mycobacterium tuberculosis was recognised in 17.4% of patients. X- ray limphdenopathy, both single and accompanied with infiltration, was found in 76.4% patients. Infiltration alone was found in 11.3% patients. All other forms of tuberculosis were present in 12.2% of the patients. Most often it was pleuritis 4.6%, followed by tuberculosis miliaris 1.4%. Among the bronchoscoped patients, infiltratory -compress changes were found in 20.5%, while bronchi perforation was present in 1.4%. Other diagnostic procedures were also used, and therapy was conducted according to the usual procedures.
Category: Clinical observations - professional paper
Volume: Vol. 46, No 1, january - march 2002
Authors: I. Koncul, K. Kovač, M. Raos, I. Zoričić-Letoja, B. Koncul-Borošak
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