The development of pediatrics in Knin after the war in Croatia

Four years have passed since the opening of Knin General hospital, and three years in the case of Pediatric department in the period after the war in Croatia. Today, it is a small department with ten beds, three physicians employed specialised in pediatrics and six nurses. It takes care of about 5000 children from Knin, Drni{, Kistanje, Vrlika and Kijevo. This department is the result of the efforts of all the medical workers who have come from other hospitals and taken part in its development. Now, after three years of work it may be the smallest and the youngest children' department in this area but it is also the most attractive in Dalmatia.
Category: From history
Volume: Vol. 45, No 2, april - june 2001
Authors: N. Kljajić, V. Žitko, B. Mikulić
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