Thalassotherapeutic health resort in Veli Lošinj

The history of children's and adult thalassotherapeutic health institutions in Veli Lo{inj is described for the period from 1889 till present. In 1892 the Austrian government proclaimed Veli and Mali Lo{inj the state climate health resorts and recovery places. From 1946 untill 1965 there was in Veli Lo{inj Children's hospital and Health Resort for Adults, from 1967 untill 1993 Children's hospital for allergic diseases with the adult deparment, now classified as Health resort. In order to use natural health factors in Veli Lo{inj it is necessary to reopen the Health resort.
Category: Review
Volume: Vol. 41, No 3,4 july - december 1997
Authors: G. Ivanišević
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