Posterior sternoclavicular dislocation in a 15-year old boy: case report

Posterior sternoclavicular joint dislocation is a very rare injury, representing less than 5% of all shoulder girdle injuries. While anterior dislocations may be treated non-operatively, posterior dislocations should either be reduced closed or open and fixed. In cases of concomitant injuries to the mediastinal structures, an open reduction is mandatory. We present a case of a 15-year old boy who presented with a posterior sternoclavicular joint dislocation without concomitant injuries in whom we have performed a chest X-ray but a computerised tomography was needed for a definitive diagnosis. An open reduction and cerclage with 3 non-absorbable sutures provided a stable fixation and the patient remained free of symptoms during the follow-up period.
Category: Case report
Volume: Vol. 67, No 1-2, january-june 2023
Authors: Rok Kralj, Bruno Bumči, Josip Pejić, Igor Bumči, Stjepan Višnjić, Rado Žic
Reference work: Paediatr Croat. 2023;67:31-4

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