A food-dependent and exercise induced anaphylaxis case report and practical considerations

Food-dependent and exercise induced anaphylaxis (FDEIA) is a rare type of IgE-mediated food hypersensitivity precipitated by a combination of food and exercise. It is very rare in children, and most commonly caused by wheat, although it can also be caused by nuts, fish, eggs, milk and other foods. It is diagnosed based on clinical history, in-vitro and in-vivo diagnostic procedures and pro- vocative tests. We present a 17-year-old girl who suffered from several attacks of FDEIA after consuming wheat products. Although a rare disorder, healthcare professionals should be aware of FDEIA. A detailed history is the most important step in diagnosing FDEIA.
Category: Case report
Volume: Vol. 66, No 1-2, january-june 2022
Authors: Iva Topalušić, Irena Ivković Jureković, Asja Stipić Marković, Bernarda Jakuš
Reference work: Paediatr Croat. 2022;66:30-3
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13112/PC.2022.5

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