Starting the initiative "Children's Ward - Child Friendly"

Care for sick child has been a special concern since ancient times, particularly, regarding children's hospitalization. A big step was taken at the beginning of the 19th century, with the opening of the first children's hospitals, which separated children from adults. During the 20th century the negative influence of hospitalization on the child was noticed and some documents were passed in an attempt to deal with the problems associated with child in hospital. Also, some action for a more human approach to children in hospital were initiated. In May 1999, in the Republic of Croatia, organized by the Union of the "Our Children" Societies, the Croatian Society for Social and Preventive Pediatrics, and the Croatian Association of Nurses-Pediatrics Section, the "Children's Wards-Child Friendly" campaign was started. According to the model of the latest UNICEF Programs, the program is worked out in twelve steps which Children's wards should put into practice to gain after evaluation the prestigious title "Child Friendly wards" after evaluation. The Initiative has had a great response from Children’s wards; almost 2/3 of the children's wards in the Republic of Croatia had joined the initiative by the end of December, 1999.
Category: Child protection
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