The ultrasonography in diagnostics and diferential diagnosis of acute pain in lower right abdomen in childhood

The purpose of our presentation is to emphasize the central role of ultrasound in the diagnostic work-up of the children with acute right lower quadrant disease. There is a wide range of clinical look-alikes of appendicitis, many of which can readily be diagnosed by using high resolution ultrasound with adjunct of color and power Dopplernd plor and power Doppler study is a useful adjunct to gray-scale ultrasound in evaluating acute right lower quadrant pain in children and can aid in defining and clarifying gray-scale abnormalities. Ultrasound should be the first imaging modality to be performed in the children with acute right lower abdominal pain not only to rule out appendicitis but also to establish an alternative diagnosis.
Category: Review
Volume: Vol. 44, No 1,2 january - june 2000
Authors: G. Roić
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