Psychopharmacotherapy of attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity

Attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity is a complex disorder with complex fenomenology which, from the point of view of therapy, can be approached in different ways. Pharmacotherapy is important in ADHD treatment but is at the some time insufficient. Moreover this method is often inadequately used due to a lack of knowlege of the nature of the disorder and the unjustified fear of excessive use of medicine. The psychopharmacs usually used are central stimuli, such as methylphenidat and dextroamphetamin.If there is no positive response to the first choice drug antidepressives and antipsychotics are used instead, depending on the symptomatology. Pharmacotherapy does not exclude other therapeutical forms for children suffering from ADHD, their family and their social environment.
Category: Review
Volume: Vol. 43, No 4, october - december 1999
Authors: D. Kocijan-Hercigonja, D. Karlović
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