Thymic hyperplasia and pulmonary disorders

Pulmonary disorders coused by thymic hyperplasia in literature are rare, but they are possible. Two patients with enlarged thymus are presented. The first patient is a twenty three months old male, with multiple and persistent pulmonary atelectasis caused by the enlargement of the thymus. The second patient is a ten month old girl infant with a tumors mass in the anterior mediastinum. In this case the massive enlargement of the thymus caused the trachea and left main bronch to be pushed back. Both patients had diffuse bronchitis and wheezing. Atelectasis and pushed back trachea and left main bronch disappeared after the reduction of the enlarged thymus, which was achieved by treatment with corticosteroids.
Category: Case report
Volume: Vol. 43, No 4, october - december 1999
Authors: K. Kovač, M. Raos, I. Koncul, S. Bela Klancir
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