Children’s eye injuries in Split-Dalmatian county, Croatia

The aim of this study was a retrograde analysis of mechanical eye injuries data in children in the Split-Dalmatian county requesting hospital treatment at the Department of Ophthalmology, University Hospital, Split, in a three year period from 1st November 2005 to 31st October 2008. To establish the type and severity of mechanical eye injuries The Birgingham Eye Trauma Terminology (BETT) and International Ocular Trauma Classification (IOTC) were used. The results of eye injuries in children were compared with the results of other authors, from other countries, e.g.: Israel, Finland and Brazil. At the Department of Ophthalmology in Split over the three year period 7648 patients were admitted, 419 (5.45%) patients were treated for eye trauma. 110 (26.25%) of them were patients younger than 18 years. From the total of patients hospitalized in our Department, the average frequency of trauma was from 29 to 47 patients per year (26.36% to 42.73%). Patients treated as out-patients were not included in the study, nor those in other departments and clinics treated as craniotrauma or polytrauma. The results are classified according to age, sex, severity and type, time, cause and circumstances of injury and final visual outcome. Child eye trauma accounts for one third of the total of traumatized patients in the developed world. The percentage of injury could be decreased by better supervision, child education and organization of play in school and sports. The conclusions we made are results connected to the frequency of division, the cause and type of eye injury, to contribute to a better solution for disorders in our profession. The need for the adaptation of qualifications and registrations of eye injuries should be coordinated with the new national protocol and must be adapted to children of all ages.

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