Bilateral postpneumococcal pneumatoceles in a one year 7 month old boy: case report and review of literature

We report on a one year and 7 months old boy who presented clinically with ascending pneumococcal pneumonia. He was successfully treated with beta-lactam antibiotics. On the control chest radiogram two bilateral pneumatoceles were seen during the resolution of pneumococcal pneumonia. The bilateral cystic lesions seen on the control chest X-ray prompted us to present our case as interesting, as well as to review the literature on this issue. However, there is no previous report of bilateral pneumatocele as an isolated complication, without any signs of empyema and/or effusion in pneumococcal pneumonia in children.
Keywords: PNEUMONIA, PNEUMOCCOCAL – radiography, complications; CYSTS – etiology, radiography; LUNG DISEASES - etiology, radiography
Category: Case report
Volume: Vol. 53, No 1, january - march 2009
Authors: M. Bazina, M. Raos, A. Bazina, Đ. Milković, B. Nogalo, M. Turkalj
Reference work:

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