Pollen allergic rhinitis in childhood

In this paper we present 120 children (aged 1 to 14 years) with pollen allergic rhinitis, from County of Zagreb. Male to female patients ratio was 2 : 1. Parental history of diagnosed allergy was greater in mothers (53%). The symptoms of allergic rhinitis began before the 7th year of life, with accompaniment of asthma in great percent (66%, 79/120). More often hypersensitivity was proved agains grasses, weeds, trees or cross-reactivity to various pollens. Allergen immunotherapy significantly decreased the symptoms of both, rhinitis and asthma.
Category: Review
Volume: Vol. 43, No 1, january - march 1999
Authors: M. Raos, S. Dodig, S. Bela Klancir, K. Kovač
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