What happens when a child with neurological disorders developspsychiatric symptoms? A case report of school failure

School failure can be the result of various factors relating to the child, its family, their school or society in general. The aim of this study is to demonstrate the possibilities of the work of clinical psychologists in the area of school failure. Case report: The work is presented done with a girl, who had learning difficulties from the start of schooling as well as emotional disorders. In her fifth class she was referred by her school for clinical assessment in order to determine the appropriate further education. The verbal intellectual abilities of the girl were in the average range, while her non-verbal abilities were damaged, with numerous specific cognitive deficits and specific learning difficulties. In behaviour she showed symptoms of ADHD syndrome and in her emotional domain there was a dominant phobic fear of verbal answering in school. We suggested further education with an adapted schooling programme. The psychologist implemented treatment based on the Cognitive behavioural and the Gestalt therapy. The girl stopped showing emotional disorders, she successfully completed primary school and continued with her secondary education. Conclusion: In our field as a clinical psychologist working with children with learning difficulties, we try to apply the concept of developmental neuropsychology. The aim of clinical work is the proper psychodiagnostic and constructive action that benefits the child – psychological treatment, partnership with parents and school.
Category: Abstracts
Volume: Vol. 52, No 3, july - september 2008
Authors: S. Bilać
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