The importance of play therapy in habilitation in children with cerebral palsy

From the day they are born, children with CP are subject to many methods of intensive treatment. For instance methods like logo-therapy, ergo-therapy, physio-therapy, work with special educators and many more. Children with dissabilites like CP often visit doctors and specialists, and are in contact with many different faces. They are also often hospitalized and separated from their parents. Apart from the type of disability, successful treatment and habilitation is dependant on the children’s will to collaborate. A proper approach is needed for children to cooperate. The best and the easiest way to achieve cooperation with children is play therapy. The goal of this survey is to show how to treat children through games and recreation so that the treatment is not compulsion or torture (agony). In this study we show play therapy with children from newborns up to five years old.
Category: Abstracts
Volume: Vol. 52, No 3, july - september 2008
Authors: J. Primorac, V. Salopek
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