The development of the pediatrics department of Osijek hospital

On the occasion of the 50-th foundation anniversary of the Pediatric Department its development from 1947 to 1997 is described. The Pediatric Department was founded in the premises of the "Mother and Infant's Home" (ex Herrlingerr) as an in-patient clinic with 36 beds. It was the first pediatric institution in the Slavonija and Baranja Region. In the following years the Department extended to the neighbouring building. In 1953 it already had 114 beds, and in 1967 the new building was finished in the yard, so that the Department had 164 beds at its disposal. Particular subspecialties as well as a polyclinic service developed. In 1977 (the 30-th anniversary) the construction of a new, modern department started within the Hospital. It was finished, equipped and moved in in 1982. The Department soon became the teaching base for medical students in Osijek, who were attending of the University of Zagreb Medical Faculty. During the War against Croatia the whole hospital, including the Pediatrics Department was not exempted from aggression by the Yugoslav Federal Army and Serb paramilitary forces. In the following years the Department was restored and fitted out with modern equipment. In 1996 it received the title "Baby Friendly Hospital".
Category: Abstracts
Volume: Vol. 42, No 3,4 july - december 1998
Authors: Z. Šoštarić - Kručaj, Z. Mandić
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